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In-Mould Labels (IML), are created by fusing pre-printed labels to plastic containers during their manufacture. This process provides a more superior finish compared to standard labels, which are usually applied to the surface of a container by use of glues and other processes. With a beautiful array of colours available, including true reflective metal inks you're sure to grab consumers attention setting you're brand above the rest.

in mould label printing

In-Mould Labels can be applied to multiple surfaces of almost any plastic shape container allowing the entire package to be covered.

The label becomes part of the container itself, which removes the requirement of extra processes to apply adhesives or other backing materials.

The containers are re-useable (better for the environment), washable and light weight.

Labels that are fused into a container have improved durability compared to standard labelling processes, they do not scratch off or scuff, and provide a smooth edgeless surface.

Containers of all sizes and unique shapes can be fully branded including multiple sides and lids at the same time, perfect for the FMCG market.

Choose from a large range of films ranging from thick-to-thin or smooth-to-matte. With clever planning you can create a polished design exploding with vibrant colour and realistic GravureHD photographic imagery, setting your product apart from the competition.

ice cream tub packaging
in mould ice cream tub packaging
in mould label lid packaging
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