Our gravure presses include dual side & trap-print capability, lamination, and in-register coldseal. All with award winning photo-realistic image quality.


Laminations and mono-layer structures provide protection from environmental conditions such as oxygen, moisture, light and general supply chain handling.  

Create attractive designs choosing from our premium colour pallet selecting from a wide range of vivid colours, including the shine of true metallic inks.   High gloss or matte finishes can add that special element to your brand allowing your packaging to stand out from the rest.


Produce realistic images with crystal clear colour, and fine detail within limited printable areas, while ensuring excellent sealing capabilities of your product contents.


Teabag envelopes use metallised-paper laminations and 100% recyclable paper-only, while sachets for sugar, salts etc use paper-poly laminations and 100% recyclable paper-only. 


Various applications and types of lidding can be used for easy peel foils for jams and sauces.   


The leading manufacturer of bakery packaging, for frozen, microwaveable, and oven-able food.


Go premium, and enhance your products shelf appeal using award winning GravureHD, or FlexoHD technology to produce photo-realistic image quality, and true to life colour.  Let the outside reflect whats on the inside !


Create packaging using either full coverage, or a patterned design allowing consumers visibility of the product inside, with the additional option of adding custom perforations for breathing.


The only manufacturer of proper waxed soap wrap paper in Australia and

New Zealand. 


Combine beautiful colour and photo-realistic images to deliver a sense of quality to your brand.  Fine detail and vital information can be easily communicated on all four sides of the product, including the ability to produce fine detail on paper.


Choose to produce either gloss or matte finishes, while still providing protection from harmful effects of environmental degradation and damage. 


Our sister company Australian Packaging is a Flexible Packaging converter supplying the Australian Food Industry.  AP has an extensive range of capabilities from 8-colour flexo printing, adhesive lamination, needle perforation, bag/pouch making with their key markets being baked goods, fresh produce, confectionery, snack food and coffee.

Australian Packaging produces to the highest manufacturing standards
with ISO 9001: 2008 and HACCP accreditation.