Developed by Gravure Packaging our NatureFirst™ Paper Packaging range can be used in place of some heat sealable plastic flow wrap, even in direct contact with the food.  For example, it is a good substitute for paper-poly and wax coated papers.  NatureFirst™ paper is suitable for packaging an array of products ranging from the Pharmaceutical sector to Food & Beverages, Confectionery, Personal Care and more.  It protects both its contents and the environment, while providing a media with excellent processing and printing capabilities; is recyclable, ecologically friendly and heat sealable.

Raspberry Popsicles
  • NatureFirst™ Ice Paper is suitable for iceblocks and icecream flow wrap.

  • It’s tough, and can withstand the harsh freezer environment.

  • A great alternative to BOPP films, and is recyclable.


  • NatureFirst™ Bakery Paper is suitable for frozen and ovenable pies.

  • It has a high degree of grease resistance, and is fully recyclable.

  • It’s tough enough to allow its contents to retain its original shape.

  • NatureFirst™ provides a physical barrier against bacteria, moulds and other contaminants without using foil or plastic, and is heat sealable.


Chocolate Truffles
  • NatureFirst™ Paper is suitable for dark chocolate, and low grease confectionery.

  • It is compatible with coldseal and is also heatsealable.

  • It’s excellent printing properties and high-quality finish ensures the packaging becomes a positive communication tool for information and the brands identity.

  • The paper is a very high quality stock, and is matched perfectly to premium dark chocolates.


Yellow Tea
  • NatureFirst™ Heatsealable Paper is an excellent substitute for paper-poly structures.

  • It is a great recyclable option when a heatseal is necessary.

  • Its light weight yet strong, with excellent crimping properties which ensures preservation of its contents shelf life, and provides protection from contaminants that can cause products to degrade, it is tear and burst resistant.


Soap and Herbs
  • NatureFirst™ Soap Paper is suitable for soap wrap, and a great option instead of wax-coating.

  • The paper has built-in fungicidal properties and is even suitable for a moist environment.

  • It is highly suitable for running on traditional high-speed wrapping equipment.