The most successful and reliable light blocking shrink sleeves on the market.

The nature of a shrink sleeve is to hug the contour of basically any shape or size container, while providing 360-degree coverage for graphics and promotion of your brand. Our light blocking shrink sleeves do this and more by providing maximum light-blocking properties needed to preserve the original flavours, and vitamin content, of products sensitive to light. 


We produce bright levels of white enhancing vibrant colour graphics, and  are capable of printing high resolution photo quality images.  The use of true reflective metallic inks and other specialised coatings, only add to the quality of your design.  Your imagination is your only restriction.

For that unique tactile feel try a combination of matte and gloss finishes - for that extra special touch.

Get creative and experiment with specialty inks to give your labels that extra POP!


Tamper evident options can be applied to shrink sleeves to improve product safety.  Apply to either full length sleeves or just the lid, allowing the remaining print to be visible on the product after the seal has been removed.

Choose from a variety of perforation blade sizes to effortlessly separate the shrink sleeve from its container, allowing for recycling.